[EXECUTIVE] Zach Spuckler – 5 Figure Challenge [WORTH: $1,297]

What is Zach Spuckler – 5 Figure Challenge?

There’s a fast track to building your list, launching your program and selling without sleaze:

The 5-Day Challenge!

It’s low risk. It’s as easy as ordering your favorite coffee. This is your chance to bypass thousand-dollar webinar software, the need for a big team and a huge budget. The four phase system I’m going to share with you, has literally taken people from Failed Launches to 5-Figure Challenges…

Now you’re probably wondering…


  • Low Cost, High Reward
    With as little as $100 ad spend, we’ve seen students generating thousands of dollars in sales! You don’t need deep pockets and fancy tools.
  • No List Required…
    You don’t need a list to launch – you can launch to build your list! We’ve had people adding 400+ people to their list in a couple of weeks WHILE making money with a challenge.
  • Sales Happen Without Sleaze…
    Imagine getting a THANK YOU NOTE from your challengers while you sell them something! It’s happened to me, my students, and my clients – people WANT to connect with you. Challenges make it easy!
  • It’s Simple…
    Know how to write an email? Post in a Facebook group? Then you have everything you need to launch. It’s really that simple.


It’s the Perfect Combination of… Low Budget Launching. Targeted List Building. High Impact Sales. When you take the 3 things that determine the success of YOUR business…

  • 1. Mindfullness of Your Budget
  • 2. Strategic and Effective Listbuilding
  • 3. Simplified Sales Systems & Emails

…and combine them into an easy-to-follow, fail-proof system – already successfully tested at every level of business (from $600 to $60,000) – then you take out the stress & the guesswork and end up with RESULTS!

Join the 5-Figure Challenge and you’ll get…

  • A proven system for turning a 5-day challenge into a 5-figure launch
  • The blueprint my students have used to add hundreds of people to their list – in just a few short weeks
  • Copies of the emails, scripts, and even advertisements we’ve used. If I’ve done it why should I keep it secret from someone investing in working with me?!

The 5-Figure Challenge includes over 15 checklists, workbooks and handouts to help you craft your challenge. It offers 35 videos to walk you through the 4 phases – so you can leverage your challenge and create a successful launch.

This is an experience that creates results, one step at a time. Whether this is your first launch or your fiftieth – this is the SYSTEM you’ve been searching for.

What will you learn in 5 Figure Challenge?

PHASE 1: LEARN IT – Become familiar with the 5-Figure Challenge Launch System from a birds-eye view.

After you complete the first phase of the program you will…

  • Turn FREE challengers into PAYING customers – even if you’ve never sold anything in your life!
  • Develop a challenge that converts.
  • Increase Challenge signups by 20-50% – using our Cyclical Challenge Signup System.

PHASE 2: BUILD IT – Experience for yourself this is not just another program. Together we’ll design your challenge framework, AND teach you how to customize it for your business.

After you complete the second phase of the program you’ll have…

  • Built your ENTIRE 5-Figure challenge. This includes emails, social media posts, and livestream training. We’ll create the entire system together!
  • Connected your social media to your challenge. That way you can maximize engagement and grow your reach while we grow your bank account.
  • Uncovered the additional “page” you need to skyrocket conversions. Turning challengers into customers and increasing your profits.

PHASE 3: FILL IT – Learn the core strategies we use to fill our challenges – even if you have a small or quiet list!

  • After you complete the third phase you’ll know how to …
  • Promote your 5-day challenge in multiple ways – so you can get the highest possible engagement
  • Use Facebook Ads for your challenge in the most effective way – even on a tight budget
  • Identify the 3 types of customers (on your list and in your audience) and develop promotion that speaks directly to them!

PHASE 4: SELL IT – Nail your sales messaging, so all you need to do is click “go” and let the sales roll in!

After you complete the final phase you’ll know how to…

  • Turn your free challenge into a profitable launch – including what emails to send, which deadlines to use and even what to say to sell.
  • Go from self-conscious to sales confident with our non-salesy scripts
  • Generate as much as $5,000 in sales in one SINGLE livestream during your challenge – using the exact system we’ve used.

Download Zach Spuckler – 5 Figure Challenge


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