[EXECUTIVE] Yuping – Power Sourcing Course [WORTH: $497]

What is Power Sourcing Course

Sourcing Warrior Is A Comprehensive Training Program To Help You Successfully Source Your Products From China. It Combines Powerful Strategies And Step-By-Step Video Tutorials To Show You Exactly How To Source From Reliable Suppliers, At The Lowest Possible Price.

  1. Save Time And Money
    Learn How To Source Products From An Experienced Sourcing Professional. Learn In Just A Few Days, What It Takes Other Sellers Years Of Trial And Error To Learn.
  2. Minimize Risk
    Reduce The Number Of Problems You’ll Face From Sourcing Products In China. Avoid Common Pitfalls That Could Potentially Cost Your Business Money.
  3. Protect Yourself
    Qualify Your Supplier Before You Start Sourcing Your Products From China. Know How To Protect Your Investment And Make Sure You Source Quality Products.

What will you learn in Power Sourcing Course?

  • Understanding Chinese Culture
    Learn How Business Is Conducted In China And How To Deal With The Cultural Issues That Arise When Working With Chinese Partners.
  • Using Sourcing Terms Correctly
    Understand How To Communicate With Chinese Suppliers With The Technical Language Needed To Organize Shipping Arrangements.
  • Negotiating With Chinese Suppliers
    Learn The Techniques Needed To Get The Lowest Possible Prices From Suppliers. Get An Increase In Your Profit Margins To Help You Build A Sustainable Business.
  • Making Sure Your Supplier Is Legit
    Know How To Perform Due Dilligence To Find Trustworthy Suppliers. Make Sure You Transfer Money Safely And Protect Your Business Capital.
  • Using Essential Sourcing Tools
    Get Comfortable Using A Variety Of Different Tools To Help You Source Your Products. Have Everything You Need To Start Sourcing Products From China Immediately.
  • ​How To Plan An Inventory
  • ​How To Make A Purchase Order
  • ​How To Carry Out A Quality Inspection Of Your Goods
  • ​How To Ship Your Goods From China To Amazon
  • ​How To Protect Your IP

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