[EXECUTIVE] Tommy Rodriguez – 3 Day Amazon Dropshipping Workshop [WORTH: $997]

FAQ for 3 Day Amazon Dropshipping Workshop

Why is Amazon dropshipping one of the best business models I have ever discovered?

Very Simple unlimited traffic on amazon can equal unlimited sales to your store to sell products with no overhead or inventory to see or touch.

What kind of results do your past students have?

Most of my past students paid anywhere between 5-10k just for the knowledge you are about to receive and to say most of them are making that per month and some are even making 20-30k PLUS per month in actual profit.

What will I learn from this workshop?

Learn everything from setting up your account, to keeping your account clean & healthy to avoid suspension, to cashback, suppliers, finding products, listing products and much more.

Why right now is the best time to get started?

Besides the obvious price reduction for the workshop. This is now 4th quarter so stuff like Black Friday, Christmas, Cyber Monday and all the holiday shopping is literally on steroids and the traffic on amazon is 1000 times greater than normal.

How much money should i need for products once they sell?

An extra 1-2k to play with is overall decent.

How many hours can the average person work this business model and have success?

You can easily work 2-4 hours a day to start having success.

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