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Main Highlights of MFA Live 2018?

How To Develop Million-Dollar Copywriting Chops Before January, 2019 – CLAYTON MAKEPEACE

Having powerful and persuasive copy is at the foundation of all marketing. It powers every other piece, page, and part of your marketing funnels. Fact is: Without good, solid copy… there’s little chance you’ll ever see the volume of NEW CUSTOMER SALES you could and should.

So you have one of two choices:

Either, you fork-over a hefty chunk of cash to a skilled copywriter to write your copy for you… or… you take your destiny in your own hands and you develop the skill and ability to write copy that PULLS in sales every day!

In this session, Clayton Makepeace — the highest paid active copywriter on the planet — will walk you thru his system for equipping average entrepreneurs and marketers with MILLION-DOLLAR COPYWRITING CHOPS!

What you’ll hear is the same system Clayton uses to develop this monster
sales-generating skill in his “copy cubs”; the same system he’s used to transform many into some of the highest paid copy-writing talents in all of direct marketing.

7 Hacks Working Right Now Which Will Boost Your Average Order Value By As Much As 185%! – TODD BROWN

Imagine if every sale you’re getting right now got multiplied by 1.5 – 2X. How radically would that improve your business? Your income? Your life?

Well, get ready… Because in this session you get Todd’s 7 MONEY-IN-THE-BANK methods for immediately increasing your average transaction size.

You’ll collect more money from every sale, so you’ll have more money for more traffic, better traffic, and even more new customers. Increasing average order value like this is the single most valuable improvement you can make to your marketing…

Especially if you truly want to GROW BIG & FAST!

How You Can Be The First In Your Marketplace To Deploy The New “$50 Million-Dollar Webinar Model”
— A Behind-The-Scenes Case Study & Breakdown – FERNANDO CRUZ

A new and very different way of using webinars is producing MONSTER PAYDAYS unlike anything we’ve seen in the history of online marketing. Single webinars raking-in $13 MILLION… $18 MILLION… even $25 MILLION dollars.

It’s true. And it’s happening right now. Which is why some of the biggest online entrepreneurs are scrambling to find out as much as they can about this NEW and VERY DIFFERENT webinar model — think of it like the opposite of what’s commonly taught and done online by most.

For the first time ever in front of an audience, Fernando Cruz — the pioneer behind this new webinar model — will hand you his entire PLAYBOOK for executing your own campaign with this new webinar model. Get ready for a SALES EXPLOSION as you learn the details behind this incredible cash-producing method; what many are calling “the millionaire maker”.

How To Create A New Customer Buying Frenzy Over The Next 25 Days By Deploying These Secret “Social Psychology Triggers”  – JOE SCHRIEFER

Whether you realize it or not… or choose to accept or believe it or not… there are DEEP psychological triggers which are used to move people to act in certain ways. In fact, there’s an entire science, today — Social Psychology — which researches these triggers, proves the validity of these triggers, and documents these triggers for societal awareness.

In this session, you’ll learn the MOST POWERFUL BUYING TRIGGERS proven to work over and over.

Armed with these triggers, you’ll immediately be able to get more clicks on your ads, more opens for your emails, more leads into your funnels, and more buyers of your products. And you’ll see them in action and master their use as you experience a live social experiment conducted by Joe Schriefer — the head honcho of the $200 MILLION-DOLLAR Agora Financial.

WARNING: These advanced social triggers are INSANELY POWERFUL at moving people to act. So we fully expect you to use these for good and not evil. No joke. This is serious stuff you’re going to learn.

How To More Than Double Your Traffic Volume By Halloween, With Your Own Media Buying Blueprint – MOLLY PITTMAN

The fastest way to EXPLODE your business with new leads, customers, and sales is with the right type of traffic for your product, price, and marketplace. There’s no one-size fits all model for traffic generation.

Which is why many business owners have wasted their hard-earned money and time attempting to drive traffic with someone else’s traffic advice or media buying blueprint. In this session, you’ll hear Molly Pittman — former VP of Digital Marketer — as she walks you thru the steps of laying-out your own Media Buying Blueprint.

And you’ll walk out with an easy-to-follow game-plan… specific for your market, your product, and your business… to immediately begin getting more new customer sales every day, at a profit.

Finally, have the perfect “ACTION GUIDE” for how to drive more and more and more visitors, leads, and buyers thru your marketing every week.

How To Be The One In Your Market To Capture The Lionshare Of “Low-Hanging Fruit Sales” Marketing A.I. Is About To Put Up For Grabs!  – RICH SCHEFREN

Imagine the value of getting access to the exact location where thousands of READY-TO-BUY PROSPECTS, for your product, are hanging out.

Imagine the value of getting notified at the exact time different customers are ready to buy again from you or a competitor. Imagine the value of knowing the exact HOT BUTTONS, WORDS, and PHRASES, and topics your best prospects are responding to.

Well, that doesn’t even begin to describe the value of what you’re going to learn in this session from Rich Schefren — “Guru to the Gurus” and the recognized authority on marketing AI. By the end of this session, you’ll never have to guess at, or make another assumption about, how to drive MORE SALES and get MORE CUSTOMERS.

Your business and marketing will be generating new sales like clockwork.

My Gun-To-The-Head Playbook: What I’d Do, If Forced, To Add At Least An Extra Million-Dollars To Any Business In 2019! – TODD BROWN

Listen carefully as Todd lays-out his go-to set of moves and maneuvers to drive at least a MILLION DOLLARS IN ADDED SALES, for almost any business, in 2019. NO theory here and no hypotheticals.

You’ll hear exactly what Todd would tell you to do first, second, third, and so on. Like PAINT-BY-NUMBERS to bring-in an extra million-bucks…

  • ** What to FOCUS on and what to put aside.
  • ** Where to allocate your TIME and RESOURCES and which to skip.
  • ** What METRICS to monitor and which to ignore.
  • ** And, of course, what type of MARKETING CAMPAIGNS to launch, when, where, and how.
  • If you truly want to add at least an additional MILLION DOLLARS to your business in 2019, you don’t want to miss a second of this session.

How To Host One Live Event In January 2019 Which Brings You More Revenue Than Most Of Your Competitors Will See All Year! – FRANCIS ABLOLA

This is such a POWERFUL and effective sales-generating method, many successful marketers have forked-over big bucks to fly-in and witness firsthand how Francis’s system works to create these MONSTER PAYDAYS.

If the idea of hosting small to medium-sized live events which produce THOUSANDS IN SALES PER PERSON sounds appealing to you, then you will want to pay close attention to everything Francis shares during this session.

How To Rise Above Average To Achieve And Live Your Dream  – TODD BROWN

Plain and simple, if you’re ready to stop struggling… stop settling… and stop fighting to grow your business… …this session is going to be a GAME-CHANGER for you.

Not the rah-rah, motivational stuff or goal setting stuff or time management advice, but the HARDCORE truth and guidance you need to finally breakout from the average. NO more accepting so-so results or mediocrity or anything below your fullest potential.

By the end of this session, you’ll have the mindset shift, the understanding, and the marching orders necessary to experience YOUR OWN SUCCESS REVOLUTION!

The 10 Experiences To Bundle With Any Information Product Which Creates A Viral Phenomena And Multiplies Your Sales!  – MARISA MURGATROYD

NOT one in fifty information marketers know anything about this right now.

So you’ll have a VALUABLE leg-up on your competitors by running with this first. See, what you’ll discover in this session is a simple way to passively transform your product buyers into RAVING FANS who talk about, post about, and rave about you, your company, and your program all over social media.

Bringing you a new and consistently EXPANDING stream of free, highly-qualified traffic and leads. Marissa’s method has nothing to do with contests or viral software or having a referral program or anything like that.

Her approach creates FAR MORE TRAFFIC for you than any of those… and creates far more loyal customers and raving fans for you singing your praises all over the web.

and more…

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