[EXECUTIVE] Tanner J Fox & Dan Dasilva – 7 Figure Machines [WORTH: $672.51]

What is Tanner J Fox & Dan Dasilva – 7 Figure Machines

My goal from the start is not to hand hold everyone to launching your first product, I don’t sell “dreams” or “get rich quick” systems. I work with all my students to ensure they know how to create, launch and SCALE an Amazon FBA business to ensure they can live life on their OWN terms and be PROUD to tell people what they do. I would love to help teach and show you the same! – Tanner J. Fox

The course contains 60+ videos. The total length of the entire video training series is around 10-13 hours. That depends if you want to watch the weekly training we’ve recorded and uploaded for you. Expect to set aside 4 weeks to launch your first product and get it over to Amazon (can be done sooner).

What will you learn with Tanner J Fox & Dan Dasilva – 7 Figure Machines?

MODULE 1: Product Research

Product Research Criteria
Product Research Checklist
Amazon’s Algorithm
Restricted Products, Gated Categories, Patents
Product Research Using Jungle Scout
Product Research Others Don’t Do
Alibaba Product Research
Finding Products By Spying On Competitors
Differentiating Yourself
Product Examples

MODULE 2: Suppliers And Shipping

Finding & Negotiating With Suppliers
Air Shipping
Sea Shipping
Product Samples
Product Inspection
How To Bundle Items Together To Increase Profits
Designing A Product’s Logo And Packaging
Amazon Fees & Product Costs

MODULE 3 Listing Creation & Account Setup

Setting Up Your Amazon Seller Account
Creating Product Listings That Sell
Editing Your Listing/ Hazmat
Creating Product Variations
UPC Codes
Keyword Research
Advanced Keyword Research Tool
How To Price Your Product
Do Not Lower Your Price
Refunds & How To Deal With Them

MODULE 4: Product Launch

Product Launch Strategy
Reviews and How To Get Them
Giveaway Launch Strategy
Amazon Early Reviewer Program
PPC Launch Strategy
Get Rid Of Bad Reviews

MODULE 5: Navigating Seller Central

Navigating Seller Central
Account Settings To Have
Creating A Shipping Plan
How To Deal With Hijackers

MODULE 6: Marketing & Advertising

Amazon Pay Per Click (PPC) & Promotions
Creating Your First Campaign
Optimizing & Analyzing PPC Campaigns
Amazon PPC Strategy Step By Step
Email Marketing For More Reviews
How To Bundle An Ebook

MODULE 7 Putting It All Together
Putting It All Together

MODULE 8: Advanced Strategies

How To Get Ungated In All Categories
Brand Registry
Insert Cards
Selling Internationally
Building A Brand

MODULE 9: Facebook Ads
Opening Words
Video Ad (Example 1)
Video Ad (Example 2)
(BONUS) Spying / Looking At Other Amazon Links
Creating the creative (Shortcut)
Engagement is key

MODULE 10: Extras

My Biggest Amazon FBA Mistakes
How To Start With A Smaller Budget
Amazon FBA Bookkeeping
What To Do With Lost/Stranded Inventory
What To Do With Slow Products

MODULE 11: Resources & Templates
Product Research Checklist
Supplier Email Template
Sea Shipping & Freight Forwarder Resources
Product Costs Excel Sheet
Accounting Profit Tracker Excel Sheet
Hijacker Cease & Desist Letter
How To Start Amazon FBA Step By Step
Resource Links

Download Tanner J Fox & Dan Dasilva – 7 Figure Machines


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