[EXECUTIVE] Stephen Houraghan – Brand Masters Secrets

Stephen Houraghan - Brand Masters Secrets download

What will you get in Stephen Houraghan – Brand Masters Secrets?

The Brand MasterClass

The Brand MasterClass is The most comprehensive and value packed Brand Strategy course on the market. Period! It’s JAMMED full of with everything you NEED (and would want) to know about brand strategy techiques, processes and systems. From critical theory to advanced bluepirnts, the MasterClass is all you need to become a respected Brand Strategy expert. (11 modules with 120+ video lessons: Including advanced scientific and psychological techniques to elevate your authority and expert status).

  • How To Reposition To A Brand Master
  • ​How To Use Strategy As Your Edge
  • ​How To Lay The Brand Foundations With Substance
  • How To Strategise A Unique Position Like A Master
  • ​How To Influence With Psychology And Neuroscience
  • ​How To Develop A Human Personality With Science
  • ​How To Craft A Compelling Message With Emotion
  • ​How To Develop Storytelling For Modern Marketing
  • ​How To Hook Your Audience From The First Touch
  • ​How To Craft An Unforgettable Identity From Strategy
  • ​How To Build A Brand Presence That Engages

[+] The Brand Master Playbook

The Brand Master Playbook is a foolproof Step-By-Step guide
that walks you through every single brand-building step one-by-one.

  • Build Each Brand Element Step-By-Step
  • Visual Video Series Illustrates Book Concepts
  • Reference Guide For Use With Brand Master Tools
  • Strategic And Creative Process Steps
  • How And When To Engage With Your Clients

[+] The Brand Master Toolbox

To build strategic brands you need systems. To execute systems you need tools and templates. This is the biggest arsenal of strategic brand building tools you’ll find ANYWHERE.

  • 50+ Page Brand Master Guide To Send To Your Clients
  • 50+ Page Brand Intensive On-Screen Presentation
  • 12 Brand Research + Development Workbooks
  • 14 Cheatsheets For Super Quick Technique Reference
  • Agency Folder Structure Setup
  • Discovery Session + Brand Intensive Scripts
  • All These Tools Referenced Throughout The Playbook

[+] The Trophy Client Sales Funnel

The Trophy Client Sales Funnel Training Series lays down “client getting” traffic and lead generation techniques to bag clients who want your premium services.

  • How To Grow Your Branding Expert Profile
  • How To Channel Existing Traffic To Your Offer
  • Use The Value Ladder To Progress Your Lead To A Sale
  • Learn 5 Branding Funnels To Generate Client Leads
  • Refine Your Targeting To Deliver The Right Message
  • Ascend Your Best Clients To Your High Ticket Offers

[+] The Brand Strategy Matrix

The Brand Strategy Matrix is the key to high-ticket sales that teaches you how to gently guide your prospects into a high-ticket client without any selling.

  • How To Filter Out Cheap + Freeloading Clients
  • How To Save Hours Of Wasted Call Time
  • How To Earn The Trust Needed For High Ticket Sales
  • How To Get Your Client To Pay For The Brief
  • How To Educate Your Prospect Into A Client
  • How To Use Neuroscience To Elevate Your Profile
  • How To Convert With Buyer Psychology

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