[EXECUTIVE] Ruth Soukup – Elite Blog Academy 3.0 [WORTH: $1997]

What is Elite Blog Academy?

Elite Blog Academy is a 12-unit training program that offers a methodical, step-by-step framework to bloggers and communicators who want to turn their blog into a sustainable business. Whether you’ve only just started or are already established and ready to grow, Elite Blog Academy will give you all the tools you need to refine your message, grow your traffic, monetize your platform, and build your business. It’s designed to take the overwhelming amount of information currently available and break it down into an easy to follow, methodical process that works.

The training is released in 12 separate units, and consists of easy-to-follow videos, unit outlines, insightful handouts, and purposeful assignments. All of the training is online, contained in the Elite Blog Academy member only site. Elite Blog Academy also includes interactive components like a community forum and Live Q&A sessions, where Ruth answers questions and offers strategic advice to ensure that our members take consistent action and receive the highest value from their investment.

You’re in the right place if…

If you want to learn exactly what steps to take to grow your blog and take your platform to the next level, Elite Blog Academy® 3.0 is designed for you. Our ideal members fall into one of these categories:


Perhaps you don’t have a blog or online business, or maybe you’ve just started one, but you want to establish a solid platform so that you can write a book or launch a product. Elite Blog Academy® can help make sure you are starting on the right foot with a firm foundation, and help you create a loyal audience of raving fans (and customers!).


Perhaps you’ve been blogging for a while but you don’t feel like you’ve quite figured out the formula just yet. You know you’re missing some critical piece of the puzzle, but you can’t quote figure out what it is. Elite Blog Academy® will show you how, step by step, exactly what you need to do to step up your game and find the success you’ve been looking for.


You’re well past the intermediate stage, yet somehow you feel like you’re still missing critical opportunities for traffic and revenue growth. You want to create a deeper connection with your audience, and build a sustainable long-term business. Elite Blog Academy® can help you take your business to the next level and transform your mindset from that of a blogger to that of an entrepreneur.

What will you get in Elite Blog Academy?

Module 1: Refine Your Message

Unit 1: Start With Awesome
Unit 2: Content is King
Unit 3: Presentation is Everything

Module 2: Grow Your Traffic

Unit 4: Grow Your Platform
Unit 5: Grow Your List
Unit 6: Rock Your Social Media

Module 3: Monetize Your Platform

Unit 7: Show Me the Money
Unit 8: Create Your Product
Unit 9: Master Sales & Marketing

Module 4: Build Your Business

Unit 10: Work Smarter, Not Harder
Unit 11: From Blog to Business
Unit 12: Lead Your Team

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