[EXECUTIVE] Phone Flipping Entrepreneurs Academy [WORTH: $497]

What is Phone Flipping Entrepreneurs?

Are you an entrepreneur or do you have an entrepreneur mindset? Have you tried building a business or starting a side hustle but can’t seem to get it off the ground? Do you understand the simple concept of buy low and sell high? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you would become successful as a Phone Flipping Entrepreneur. Using our proven comprehensive web-based training system and step by step modules, we can make you $100 profit in 24 hours and grow you to $100-$300 a day within weeks.

What will you learn in Phone Flipping Entrepreneurs?

  • Where to buy phones
  • Best times to post
  • How to do an app listing
  • What phones to buy/not buy
  • How to appraise phones
  • Live phone appraisal
  • Text replacement and live appraisals
  • What price to offer for phones
  • Getting people to agree to sell
  • The find my iphone app
  • Removing the icloud from desktop
  • Removing apple icloud lock
  • Check esn procedure
  • Why certain carriers are bad automatically
  • Difference between GSM, CDMA, unlocked
  • Where to find IMEI number
  • Bill of sale instructions
  • Phone slip instructions
  • Where to meet people when buying
  • Inspecting phones
  • Packing the phone
  • Shipping/printing labels
  • Managing money
  • And Much More​​

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