[EXECUTIVE] Kyle Roof – SEO intelligence Agency [WORTH: $297]

What is Kyle Roof – SEO intelligence Agency

When Kyle Launches A Page He ALWAYS Lands In The First Couple Of Pages For DIFFICULT TERMS By Just Using These Tested & Vetted On-Page Strategies. No Kidding! And For Most Long-Tail Keywords These ON-PAGE Skills Is All You Need BOOM Done! Without linking!

Welcome To Kyle’s 4-week Advanced On-Page Training

In this training, Kyle is going to focus on the things we know we need to do to compete with the “Big Dogs” but just don’t know “how” to “do” them properly to get the BEST RESULTS.

  • You will learn HOW TO use the “PRO” codes.
  • Schema Code
  • Knowledge Graph Code

And then he is going to SHOW you what a “PRO” checks in a website set-up, so you can do it too AND a ton of other stuff that gets him no link rankings!

  • XML & HTML Sitemaps
  • Robots.txt
  • Redirecing to the www
  • Rel=canonical

And Kyle being Kyle, is going overboard and he is also including how “he” finds optimization rates/LSI terms/word counts and then puts them into play to boost his page even further up the rankings without links.

Download Kyle Roof – SEO intelligence Agency


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