[EXECUTIVE] Jenna Soard – The Course Launcher [WORTH: $1,997]

What is The Course Launcher?

Everything you need to create a profitable online course with beta testers.

What do you get with The Course Launcher?

  • Learn to survey prospective students the RIGHT way so that you can create a course that actually sells
  • Create a Course Outline that easily takes students step-by-step through the material for HUGE completion rates (Hello results!)
  • Create a landing page & beta tester application that allows you to easily get a ton of amazing beta testers that will help you create the course!
  • Get your course into the hands of up to 21,500 amazing beta testers that will actually do the work! (For Pay-in-Full Launchers Only)
  • Learn the basics of video production, screen recording, and editing so you can keep this momentum going, even after the 30-days course wraps up
  • Design interactive PDFs for course handouts so your students are engaged (and impressed)
  • Creatively direct an animation “video bumper” to add instant polish and professionalism to any videos you make moving forward
  • Setup your course classroom easily and quickly so that you can literally launch your course in less than 30 days! Woo hoo! No more sitting on this course idea!
  • Structure your classroom in the most intuitive way for students so tech troubles or confusion don’t get in the way of them taking your course, of course
  • Setup your email marketing system to prepare for your beta test so everything goes smooth as silk
  • Use templates to make the on-boarding process for testers super easy to save you time spent agonizing over the right things to say
  • Conduct new student surveys to gauge where you can optimize (and where you’re already knocking it out of the park)
  • Learn how to conduct “Video Coaching” office hours so that your students make it rain profits by the end of the test
  • Discover tried & tested techniques for facilitating Facebook groups to engagement and excitement shoots through the ROOF (and straight into the stars)
  • Get students started on the right foot with my easy to use templates: and rest assured that you’re always making a stellar first impression
  • Launch your pilot program 100+ beta testers to iron out the kink and ensure you’re ready to LAUNCH
  • Get coaching from me about YOUR Group Coaching! so you always have encouragement, understanding, and advice, all at the click of your mouse
  • Implement end-of-course surveys to make improvements your students are fanatical for (and keeps ‘em coming back for more)
  • Discover how to get students to send the most VALUABLE testimonials
  • HELLO SEED MONEY: Sell to your beta testers at the end of the test, with Jenna’s Beta Methodology that generally leads to 10% conversions! Many students have made $5,000-$40,000 with 100-400 beta testers.
  • Create an ideal student avatar based on real students so you have a clear picture of who you’re selling to + can tailor your marketing to match

Download Jenna Soard – The Course Launcher


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