[EXECUTIVE] Jason Wardrop – The 6 Figure Agency Blueprint [WORTH: $997]

What is 6-Figure Consulting Blueprint?

In the 6-Figure Consulting Blueprint you will learn everything you need to know and more on how to start and profitably run & grow your own Consulting agency in your local area!

*UPDATES: I will be continuously adding videos and tools to this course as time goes on! If there is an important update with Facebook or Google’s algorithms, I will show you what to do and what that means for your business.

I will cover:

– How to Acquire Your First Clients At No Cost To You & No Risk To Them
– How to Get To $10k/Month In Under 90 Days
– How to Get Quick Results For Your Clients To Keep Them Long Term
– The Proven Lead Campaign Templates (ads, landing pages, emails, etc.) I’ve used with 2,100+
– How to Hire & When To Hire So You Can Continue To Scale
– How to Use Facebook Advertising To Scale Your Business & Your Clients
– How to Use Google & YouTube To Scale Your Business & Your Clients
– And Much, Much More!

Class Curriculum: Module 1 – Acquiring Your First Customers

How to get your first clients (100% Free + No risk to them)
More Free Client Acquisition Strategies
Even MORE Client Acquisition Strategies!
Your Value Ladder + Upsells
More Offers = More Money + Posting strategy
2x Your Clients Overnight Strategy
Special BONUS For 6-Figure Consulting Members ?

Module 2- Agency Housekeeping – Signing Contracts + Collecting Money, Etc.

What to charge + Contract commitments
How to collect payment + Sign Contracts
Onboarding Clients + Knowing When & Who To Hire
Monthly Reports
Maximizing Ad Spend + The Right Credit Card for Cash Back & FREE Trips

Module 3 – Running the Campaigns – The Meat!

Access to their business manager account
Real Estate Listing Leads Campaign
Real Estate Buyer Leads Campaign
Real Estate Open House Leads Campaign
Real Estate Seller Leads Campaign
Real Estate Foreclosure Leads Campaign
Mortgage 3% Down Lead Campaign
Mortgage 3.5% FHA Lead Campaign
Mortgage Down Payment Assistance Lead Campaign
Mortgage 0 Down VA Lead Campaign
Mortgage VA Refinance (IRRRL) Lead Campaign

Module 4 – The Follow Up

The Automated Email + SMS Follow Up
The Drip Sequences – Buyer’s, Seller’s, 1st Time Home Buyer, Bi Monthly Updates, Etc.
The Simple Trick to Create 4x More Sales Conversations For YOU And Your Clients
How to track every movement of your clients leads

Module 5 – Retargeting

Facebook + Instagram Retargeting Gold Mine
Google + YouTube Retargeting Gold Mine
The ‘Stalker’ Set-Up – How To Be Omnipresent

Module 6 – Scaling Your Agency

How to double your agency overnight
Scaling With Ads – Do’s & Don’t’s
Getting Your Agency To Page #1 Of Google For Hottest Keywords In Your Area

Module 7 – Facebook Messenger Bots!

Getting Started With Messaging Bots
How to Get Your First 1,000 Subs in Just 30 Days
Scaling Your Subscribers! 400+ Subs in Just 4 Days!
BONUS: Module 8 – How To Get Your Real Estate & Mortgage Clients On The First Page Of Google In Less Than 10 Minutes
Google Page 1 Hack – Step-by-Step Walkthrough

Download Jason Wardrop – The 6 Figure Agency Blueprint


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