[EXECUTIVE] Jason Capital – Power Speaker Academy [WORTH: $1,990]

What will you learn in Jason Capital – Power Speaker Academy

  • – A power that nearly everyone dreams of…life as a true Power Speaker. You have an audience. You know what to say. You’re confident and powerful on video and stages.
  • – The $250,000 Skill. You’ve noticed how popular video is these days. One 7-year old named Ryan made $22 Million last year with video. A friend of mine makes $25 Million a year with video. You likely won’t make $25 Million. My first Power Speaking student, Ryan Magin, used my blueprint and made $21,989 his very first week. He’s on track to earn well over $250,000 on the side this year. You will be too.
  • – An audience to follow you and buy from you. I’ll be promoting everyone in this Implementation Group to my 300,000+ fans. So you’ll get my blueprint to getting an audience and I’ll give you your own ‘starter audience” as a head-start.
  • – Authority in your field. I have a process for using social media and video to establish yourself as a go-to expert in your field in under 30 days. I have 19-year olds who are “famous” thanks to this process. It works.
  • – My webinar formula for selling high-ticket offers to any audience. One webinar of mine made me over $3,000,000 last year using this formula. You can use it for your webinars, Instagram lives or Facebook lives. I’ve never sold or shared this formula so I may ask you to sign some type of “NDA” before accessing it.

Three parts of a Power Speaker Academy

  • Power Speaker Storytelling. Using my Power Speaker Story Formula™ and the James Cameron Framework, we’ll equip you with the tools you need to turn your life experiences into stories that make your audience laugh, cry and buy.
  • Power Speaker Sub-Communications. We’ll use my Sub-Communication Framework™ and my Reality Distortion Framework™ to unleash your body language, eye contact and vocal tonality. The “holy grail” for you as a Power Speaker.
  • Power Speaker Structure. We’ll tap into many of my 48 Power Speaking Formulas. With these structures, you’ll always know what to say and keep your audience engaged. I use them for everything we do. I expect you will too.

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