[EXECUTIVE] Hilary Rushford – Instagram With Intention [WORTH: $197]

What do you get with Hilary Rushford – Instagram With Intention?

« Prologue » Set-up for Success: Looking Like a Pro

  • TAYGIC (This ain’t your grandma’s Instagram class!) stop the crazy. No more being stumped with every new change once you embrace my philosophy
  • INSTAGRAM 101 are you sure you’re using all the features on the app to your advantage? I see some pretty silly mistakes out there …
  • SAFETY FIRST privacy, hacking & other deadly sins — do not skip this
  • THE GREAT BROUHAHA how to crush it with the algorithm & join me in the 30%

« Chapter One » Your Brand Story: A message that connects

  • INSTA-BUSINESS 101 InstaMarketing Madlibs for total clarity on who you’re really speaking to on Instagram
  • THE 4 STORIES IN YOUR CONTENT Stop the writer’s block & random posting! This is where your engagement begins …
  • A STORY ONLY HEARD HERE How Instagram differs from all your other social media for a following that grows instead of gets stuck on repeat
  • THE UMBRELLA BRAND How to post as a multi-passionate brand or person THE DUELING
  • PROFILE DEBATE Why you should — or should not — have multiple profiles
  • THE BOLD AND THE BOUNDARY Planning for your life as a future influencer (dream big, darling, or you’ll regret it later!)

« Chapter Two » Your Online Magazine: A first impression that captivates

  • NICE TO MEET YOU, CHARMED I’M SURE How to make the right first impression — that lasts
  • CREATIVELY DIRECTING 5 tactics to faking creative genius & looking like those profiles you never thought you’d be as cool as MICRO-
  • BLOGGING WITH MAXIMUM IMPACT What’s the purpose of captions? Oh. So. Much.
  • WORKFLOW How to run an Insta-empire from your phone
  • TESTING THE FREQUENCY How often should I post? What time of day? Which days?!
  • ENCOURAGE ENGAGEMENT How you truly build a tribe that converts

« Chapter Three » Your Growing Tribe: An invitation that delights

  • WORK WHAT YOUR MAMA GAVE YOU The first place to start growing your audience, tomorrow
  • HASHTAG #IMWITHHILARY Let’s get honest about Google’s #1 recommended way to grow
  • WORK THE ROOM How to warmly network, while NOT ruining your good time
  • GIVE MORE, GROW MORE Generosity is the French word for skyrocket. #trust
  • GIVE LOVE, GET LOVE My ninja shout-out strategy that breaks the mold
  • THE GOLDEN TICKET The single next step to expanding your empire

« Epilogue » Profitable & Purposeful > Popular: Finishing the story

  • MEANING > METRICS Finding your worth outside followers & likes
  • YOUR FUTURE AUDIENCE How to go pro in your growth
  • YOUR ENDGAME Turning fans & followers into customers & clients

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