[EXECUTIVE] Harmon Brothers – Write Ads that Sell [WORTH: $2,999]

What is Write Ads that Sell all about?

Over the course of 25 video lessons with 3 accompanying downloadable workbooks, Daniel Harmon and Dave Vance go in-depth with specific examples and techniques that will teach you everything it takes to write a great script—from research, capturing the concept, and nailing the proper sales structure, to polishing and preparing the perfect script for production.

We are opening our entire writing playbook and giving it to you in a professionally produced and edited course that gives you the tools you need to do what we do, without holding anything back.

In addition, we’re intentionally keeping the class size small (enrollment will be open for just 36 hours) to give you personalized attention to take your script to the next level. Daniel and others on the team will be personally responding to your questions.

By the end of the class, you’ll have a solid, well-tuned script ready for production that will not only sell, but will set the tone for future marketing initiatives and give you the knowledge, skills, and motivation to write an ad that sells.

What do you get with Write Ads that sell?

    The course is broken out into three sections, each with a number of videos that provide digestable chunks of knowledge—and specific actions for you to take as the course guides you through the process of writing an ad that sells.
    The three workbook downloads provide recaps of each section, additional resources, links, and homework assignments that will enable you to get the most out of the course—and finish with a script that will be tuned for selling and ready for production.
    Not only are we providing you with the exact script template that we use on nearly every project we create—we’re providing you with the actual script we wrote for one of our most famous campaigns, you’ll see how we used the template and how to use it on your campaign. Did we mention we’re not holding anything back?
    Within 60 days of enrollment and once you’ve completed your script, you’ll book a call with a Harmon Brothers team member to go over your script in detail, get candid and specific feedback, and get answers to your top burning questions—let’s make your script the best it can be.

Download Harmon Brothers – Write Ads that Sell

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