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advanced email marketing
advanced email marketing

What is Advanced Email Marketing?

We’ve written a lot about email marketing. From learning how to build an email list to split testing your key metrics—we’ve covered a lot of ground.

And if you’re like a lot of marketers and entrepreneurs in our community, you’ve put all these core systems into place, you’re read all the crash course email advice out there, and things are starting to really hum along.

Your email is driving leads and sales consistently, but maybe you’re starting to wonder—could I take this email marketing thing much, much further?

Maybe you imagine your email list could become your main revenue-generating channel. Maybe you could use it to grow your business without having to hire more people or increase any of your operational costs.

But the information that will get you there—the educational resources that can transform you into a next-level, Jedi master email marketer—well that stuff is a lot harder to come by.

For that very reason, we’ve developed a course completely dedicated to only the most advanced email marketing concepts. With this course, we wanted to take you beyond how to write an email or automate a campaign, and give you rare access to the advanced tactics that make businesses go from six to seven figures, or from seven figures to eight and beyond.

What will you learn in Advanced Email Marketing?

Module 1: Understanding How Emails Get Sent—Deliverability 101

In this introductory module, you will learn the technical foundation upon which your email campaigns will be placed. You will learn that email marketing success is not just a matter of sending emails but having a deep understanding of all the technical intricacies that make it.

Module 2: Advanced Email Engagement

In this module, we’ll get deep into the “how to” of sending emails that get people interested in your messages and ultimately, clicking and buying more. You will learn how to slowly soothe people into your message and make every email part of a larger campaign that entices them to become customers of yours.

Module 3: Automation Tactics & Follow-Up Sequences

The beautiful aspect of email marketing is that you can make sales on autopilot…and at scale. This module will see Jimmy walk you through the most advanced automation tactics and sequences you can use to achieve that level of effectiveness that only top marketers ever dream of.

Module 4: Advanced Email Deliverability

In this last module, you will take a deep look at the technical aspects of email deliverability, which will help you increase the effectiveness of every email sent.

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