[EXECUTIVE] Erin Flynn – Streamline Design Profit [WORTH: $597]

Streamline Design Profit

What is Erin Flynn – Streamline Design Profit

Streamline Design Profit is a step-by-step framework to design (or re-design) a web design business that works for you.

SDP helps you by streamlining the admin work, and selling the value you provide your clients. Everything from attracting the right clients, to closing sales, to managing the project, to handing the completed website off to your ecstatic clients is included. What you won’t learn? Generic BS that kind-of-applies-but-not-really that they teach in other programs.

Here’s what you’ll do in Streamline Design Profit:

  • You’ll have the tools and knowledge you need to set solid foundations and systems in your business
  • You’ll finally be able to charge the prices you deserve for your work
  • You’ll create your own streamlined processes to create websites for your clients
  • You’ll have the confidence to keep on track!
  • I’ll be walking you through how to do this with step by step lessons, downloadable resources, checklists, and more. You get tons of templates to copy+paste so you actually get the work done and implemented!

When you buy Streamline Design Profit you’re getting:

  • Fluff-free video lessons focused on creating a streamlined business
  • Worksheets, templates, or checklists to accompany the lessons and help you get the most out of what you learned and save you years of work coming up with everything on your own
  • An amazing Facebook group full of your new best friends where you can get help and make connections
  • The confidence, skills, and processes to deliver an amazing experience to your clients, design more strategic websites, and charge MORE for your services

SDP is for you if you…

  • Are a new or experienced self-employed (or side-hustling) web designer or website builder who wants to charge more for your services without creating more complex projects
  • Are a web designer who wants to streamline your web design processes and create better experiences for your clients
  • Want to take your side-hustle full-time, but still have free time and flexibility with your schedule

SDP is NOT for you if you…

  • Don’t make websites–this course is specific to website creation
  • Don’t have any experience creating websites–you don’t learn how to make websites in this course
  • Want to take the long way and spend years figuring this out on your own instead of taking the shortcut I’m offering
  • Are not willing to make the time to implement what you learn–you can’t improve if you don’t implement

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