[EXECUTIVE] Eric Thayne – Six Figure Filmmaker [WORTH: $5000]

What do you get with Eric Thayne – Six Figure Filmmaker?

Six Figure Filmmaker is a personalized coaching program designed to help you go full time with your video business in the next 12 months, and make at least $10k on every project you do… EVEN if you don’t have the best camera OR if there are no good clients in your area. And if you’re already full time, then you’ll be able to scale your business to six figures and beyond!

What do you learn with Six Figure Filmmaker?

When I was learning cinematography I became obsessed with analyzing Hollywood movies.  But I loved how they had this amazing unique look to them. And I wanted to learn how to adapt that to my commercial work. Learning that skill was what helped me to separate myself from the sea of videographers I was competing with, and catapulted my business to 6 figures.

So a couple years ago I put together an 8 Week LIVE training for just a handful of filmmakers to teach them the exact same things. So they too could learn how to create cinematic work that would make them stand out from the crowd. Each of the 10 filmmakers who joined paid $1,000 to go through this class. And now I’m giving you ALL of the recordings from this event, plus TONS more content including:

  • • Behind The Scenes videos so you can see exactly how I work on set and be more confident on your own sets
  • • My favorite camera and gear recommendations so you know exactly what to buy for your skill level
  • • Business advice and tips to get your business set up correctly and develop the right mindset working with clients
  • So you can see exactly how I create cinematic looking videos for clients.
  • And you too can channel your videography, make it look cinematic, and set yourself apart from the masses.

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