[EXECUTIVE] Edna Keep – 90 Days To $5K [WORTH: $4,983]

What is Edna Keep – 90 Days To $5K

Today is the day we turn your real estate business into an automated machine, that attracts qualified investors and gives you more passive income, and more free time to spend how you want.

It might sound impossible. But if you’ve been one of the more than 10,000 visitors to my most recent online webinar series, you already understand the power of real estate and you’ll realize that it’s not only possible, but very probable.

I mean it can be a lot of work, and you need to be dedicated but…
By applying the secrets and strategies from 90 days to 5k you can attract more investors and find the right kind of deals in your real estate business quicker and easier than ever before.

What You’re Witnessing is…

How everyday real estate owners, just like you, have managed to transform their business, from what was previously overwhelming, to creating an automated system where they could inspire JV investors to buy, and fund more real estate deals. So they not only provided wealth and passive income for themselves, but their investors as well.

What do you get with Edna Keep – 90 Days to 5k

  • Twelve – 60 to 90 Minutes Training Sessions with Homework to keep you on track.
  • Strategically Laid Out – One on Top of the Other to give you an amazing foundation for your real estate business.
  • It transforms you from a go it alone real estate investor to one who understands every side of a deal, with enough investor money and resources available to you so that you can quickly build your real estate portfolio and your passive income.
  • Each week – We meet live on a zoom call for Q&A and accountability. This is where we hold you accountable for your goals, discuss live deals – even get help analyzing your deal. On these calls we brainstorm creative ways to get deals done, we discuss hot topics, mindset issues and any concerns that come up doing your homework. You will meet other active members and be a part of an engaged community of like-minded people.

Download Edna Keep – 90 Days to 5k


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