[EXECUTIVE] Dr. Joseph Riggio – Million-Dollar High-Ticket Groups & Programs 2.0 [WORTH: $1,997]

What do you get in this course?

Million-Dollar High-Ticket Groups & Programs for Coaches & Consultants (v2.0) & Bonus Bundle
Get Access To The Full High-Ticket Groups & Programs for Coaches & Consultants (v2.0) OnLine Live

Training – 8 Weekly Modules

5 Program Modules

1. Establish & Install Your Own High-Ticket Mindset, Attitude & Presumption
2. Decide On A Specific High-Ticket Audience
3. Establish A Defined, Achievable Outcome For Your High Ticket Audience
4. Design A Predictable Program To Deliver Your High-Ticket Promise
5. Create An Irresistible “Perfect” Offer To Sell The High-Ticket Program To Your Audience

Bonus Modules

  • Bonus Module One: Your First Small Program Together That Generates $2000 In 30 Days
  • Bonus Module Two: Build Your High-Ticket Outreach Campaign
  • Bonus Module Three: Enroll People And Deliver Your High-Ticket Program

The Bonus Bundle Material:

  • TCP | The Complete Package Digital Training Package ($347)
  • Secrets of Wealth Attraction Success 2-Hr. HD Video ($99)
  • Kick-Ass Consulting Strategies ($97)
  • Full Kick-Ass Consulting Strategies Program ($997)
  • INFLUENCE! Full Program Recordings ($1997)
  • 2 Months UA Sapphire MasterMind ($1800)
  • Free Ticket To The “2018 Kick-Ass Consulting Bootcamp”($4500)
  • Private Social Network
  • Private Discussion Group

Download Dr. Joseph Riggio – Million-Dollar High-Ticket Groups & Programs 2.0

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