[EXECUTIVE] Doberman Dan – Copywriting Crash Course [WORTH: $147]

Copywriting Crash Course

What is Doberman Dan – Copywriting Crash Course ?

With your permission, I’ll show you A-to-Z, step-by-step, EXACTLY what I’ve done when time was of the essence… I had to “create money on demand”… but I was a rookie and my copywriting chops weren’t even CLOSE to being good.

This is a secret you can use IMMEDIATELY to create ALL kinds of successful copy to boost your sales and make more money.

What will you learn with Copywriting Crash Course?

  • How to write world-class copy NOW… even if you’ve never written a sales message in your entire life.
  • A simple two-second secret to conquer “blank page anxiety” once and for all. (In fact, do THIS and you’ll NEVER have to stare at a blank page… ever.)
  • How to produce a winning moneymaking promotion in only hours… instead of weeks or months!
  • ​The “neural pathway” secret to FORCING your brain to produce world-class copy… even if you’re a totally wet-behind-the-ears rookie and the mere thought of writing causes anxiety.
  • How to start your day with nothing but a notepad, blue pen and the Copywriting Crash Course… and finish your day with copy that can bring in 5-figures, 6-figures… or more. (Ever BETTER: You’ll have an EVERGREEN asset that will CONTINUE to bring in money… month after month!)
  • ​Do you have just a small email list or list of followers on social media? Then follow THIS blueprint and you can produce an ongoing stream of income only working a couple hours a day. (And if you do it like I have, this could turn into a LIFETIME income that grows and grows each year!)
  • How to find copywriting templates to create moneymaking email copy, website copy, direct mail, postcards, print ads, video sales letters… and establish joint venture partners… even if you only have “rookie” copywriting skills.
  • ​How to find the “whale” clients in your market/niche. The big players who pay the highest fees! (If you’re interested in writing for clients, this is a HUGE tip that could support you in style for the rest of your life!)
  • And much more!

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