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What is Leads Academy all about?

The Leads Academy is the most comprehensive Lead Generation course online. Learn how to build and scale your Lead Generation business from professionals and avoid making the same mistakes we did. Cut the learning curve with The Leads Academy.

What will you get and learn here in this course?

  • ​How To Acquire Your First 5 Clients: Learn how to prospect, cold call, cold email, AND where to get your best clients from.
  • ​How To Generate Phone Calls: Generate, track and sell phone calls as leads to thousands of businesses anywhere in the world.
  • ​Sales Training: Everything you need to know about the processes to build lists and outreach to prospects.
  • ​Landing Page Training: Build landing pages and Adwords campaigns that generate consistent lead flow for your clients.
  • ​Monthly Q&A’s: Don’t build your business alone. We’ll host monthly Q&A’s for you to ask anything related to your (or our) Lead Generation business.

In the first section, David is going to take you through fundamentally setting up your lead generation business. From niching down and how to look like an authority in that space, to getting clients by leveraging a virtual team that he shows you how to build.

There is no guesswork here. He gives you the scripts and procedures that you can hand right to a salesperson. Heck, he even shows you how to build a 100% commission based sales team, to truly scale your acquisition through the roof.

Imagine putting together a couple of remote sales guys and grabbing the leads just like David shows and having them closing deal after deal, day after day…How long would it take you to achieve your revenue goals if your team was bringing you multiple deals EVERY WEEK? Do you want, heck, do you NEED deal flow on that level? Keep reading…

In Nate’s section, he shows you how to rapidly generate qualified leads within 12-36 hours of your sales team closing the deal. We literally closed a deal at the end of day and had leads rolling in before the end of breakfast the next morning. What if you could create and scale profitable campaigns that generate leads with a few keystrokes and button pushes, at the drop of a dime?

Would that help you take your business to the next level?

To put a nightcap on it, my modules at the end show you how to generate the cheapest and some of the best converting leads on the internet. It is not the fastest way to generate a nickel, but it is a piece of the puzzle that helps you round out your digital assets that will make you money for years to come.
If that is not enough, I show you how to maximize the value of your leads and ascend the lead selling stairway to heaven to the tune of astronomical increases in pricing. Best part is your lead gen clients will EAT IT UP and beg for more.

I will show you how to take a lead gen deal worth $50-75 per lead and turn it into a relationship where you are being paid $250-400 per conversion. Leads that sell for $150-300 being sold for $500-1000 each. This is 100% achievable with the right approach and the willingness to set yourself apart from other lead sellers in your industry.

For kicks and giggles I also show you lovely people how to add “bolt on” services and products that can double the revenue from your existing clients and make them fall in love with you as you improve their business and profit from it all the way to the bank.

What if you could double your businesses revenue in the next 30-60 days just by providing some of the solutions I outline to your existing clients? Simple, Right? What if you could start charging more per lead and have your partners DEMAND this structure over your traditional lead gen model?

Let me ask you the most important question of your day. Heck, maybe your week, month, or even year.

What if you went through our self paced academy and over the next 60-120 days and implemented ALL of it? Every last piece of the machine that we are giving you the blueprint to build.

What if you have a commission based sales team closing more deals than you could ever imagine, all while getting profitable within the first 14-30 days using our rapid lead gen system, and then once you establish trust you can double, triple, or even quadruple their spend by offering them additional solutions or improving the quality of the leads?

Seriously, please stop reading for a second and answer that question. Imagine this machine at work for you!

Imagine if you had EVERY single method needed to make your first thousand or expedite your next million? Do you have the courage to spend the next couple of months building a machine that can take your revenue to the next level? Do you have the guts to spend this year making yourself a millionaire? Do you have the drive, the will, and a burning desire to build yourself a freaking EMPIRE?

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