[EXECUTIVE] Danny Johnson – Seller Lead Hacks [WORTH: $1,497]

What is Seller Lead Hacks?

Danny, the founder of Lead Propeller and the “Flipping Junkie Podcast”, is hand selecting just 25 investors to join the initial training group for this course because he wants real estate investors that have shown that they are doers. The purpose of this beta group is to get results for each and every person in the group.

Danny wants the success of this group to be the source of case studies and testimonials for the training. If you are willing to commit and follow the instruction given in this training, please apply. If you tend to purchase training but don’t take action, we’d rather you saved your money.

This is the initial training group that will have the added benefit of communicating directly with Danny. The training will be held using a private Facebook group where all lessons will be posted. The initial group will be limited to 25 members. Doors are closing Sunday, August 13th and class will begin Wednesday August 16th!

What will you learn in Seller Lead Hacks?

  • Dialing in your website for maximum conversion so you can get more leads for every person that visits your site
  • Dominating your local market online so you show up in the Google maps results with positive reviews
  • How to get FREE traffic to your website for very inexpensive leads
  • How to setup and run COST EFFECTIVE Pay Per Click campaigns so that you can get great leads and right away from your website
  • How to use Retargeting to convert more of the typically 80 to 90% of website traffic that do not contact you from their first visit to your site. THIS PROVIDES HUGE POTENTIAL OVER 99% OF YOUR COMPETITION THAT IS NOT DOING THIS!
  • How to perform proper Search Engine Optimization so that you rank at the top of the search results for the PROPER KEYWORDS as soon as possible.

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