[EXECUTIVE] Chris Winters – Kallzu Ads [WORTH: $1,961/yr]


What do you get with Kallzu Ads?

  • #1 – Kallzu Konnect(included in monthly subscription)
    Call Only affiliate offers with: 1. Guaranteed approval 2. Seven day commissions payout. 3. Only the highest converting offers. So you can grow your business as fast and as big as you want.
  • #2 – Kallzu 2.0 (included in monthly subscription)
    Cloud based Call Only software management system so you can easily manage your Call Only Affiliate offers AND Call Only business clients (optional). NOTE: once inside members area you will need to sign online electronic Non-Compete Agreement before gaining access.
  • #3 – Kallzu Vault (included in your monthly subscription)
    Turn-key system for getting business owners to call YOU ready to buy your leads. Recall just ONE client will be worth minimum of $20,000/year profit. 10 clients X $20K = $200,000 per year! So you can can easily double your call only income. NOTE: once inside members area you will need to sign online electronic Non-Compete Agreement before gaining access.
  • #4 – Kallzu Live(included in your monthly subscription)
    Free access to our annual LIVE training event in Las Vegas where ONLY top performing members and kallzu coaches teach their exact strategies for running profitable Call Only online business. This is your chance to hang out with top performing kallzu members so you can duplicate their success.
  • #5 – VIP Customer Support (included in your monthly subscription)
    Open 7 days a week so you can get the assistance you need FAST to grow your business. VIP customer support agents are EXPERTS at Call Only Ads so you can get knowledgeable help. Never be held back again because of: overwhelm or lack of technical skills.
  • #6 – TWO live coaching calls per month ( included in your monthly subscription)
    Calls include: Case studies so you can learn how to apply to your own profitable campaigns. Successful member guests reveal their top strategies so you can replicate it in your own business. You can volunteer to be in the “Hot Seat” so we can work 1-on-1 with you to help grow your business.
  • #7 – Complete Call Only Ads Training (value $1,997 special price $797)
    The most comprehensive newbie friendly Call Only Ads training on the planet. So you can get successful Call Only campaign up and generating profits as FAST as possible. Start with welcome video giving clear instructions of exactly step-by-step what to do to each day to quickly complete the training. Recall we have VIP Customer Support 7 days a week so you are never alone.

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