[EXECUTIVE] Austin Netzley & Scott Oldford – Recession Proof

What is Recession Proof about and what do you get inside this package?

This isn’t a time to do business as normal, because things aren’t normal.

Together, we’ve come together to build an offer that is available to anyone that is an online Entrepreneur and that in less than 6 weeks will give you the information, support and community that you need to not just get through this, but to thrive and use this time as the oppertunity that it can be. There is no deadline for this program, however, the longer you wait, the longer you won’t have the plan that you need to help you.

What’s included inside of this program? In short: Everything you need and we’re WAY undercharging

  • The entire 6 week recessPROOF Program focused around the 4 Pillars of our recessionProof Methodology (Cash+Finances, Growth Systems Strategic Plan, Leader Mindset) ensuring that you make the right next moves to protect the profitablity of your business, while helping you use the current economic climate as an oppertunity. ($1997 Value)
  • 2 Weekly Sessions with Austin and Scott on top of the recorded training to help you maximize the current time in history. ($1497 Value)
  • 3 Weekly Q&A Sessions with us and our 7+ Figure Growth Coaches to help you know exactly what you should and shouldn’t be doing inside of your business, right now ($2,997 Value)
  • The R.O.I Method Course with 6 Months of Support Included ensuring that you have your marketing and sales game in check, now and in the future.($1997 Value)

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