[EXECUTIVE] Andrew Argue – AccountingTax Programs + COVID 19 Consulting

The schemes are US-specific and not applicable to other countries.

What will you learn?

  • SBA Forgivable Loans Up to $10M
  • SBA Emergency Grant Up To $10K
  • Withdraw Retirement Penalty Free Up to $100,000
  • SBA Disaster Loans Up To $2M
  • Defer Payroll Taxes Sec 2201 To 2021/2022
  • ​Recovery Rebates $2,400 MFJ/$1,200 Single
  • Get Cash For NOLs In ’18, ’19, ’20
  • Employee Retention Credit Up To $10k/employee
  • Sick Employee Payroll Tax Credit Up To $2k/employee/qtr
  • ​Tax Deadline Extension Packages & Pricing
  • ​Cash Management & Forecasting

Acquire, Convert, Retain & Expand Relationships
AccountingTax.com is a practice development methodology that changes the way You acquire, convert, retain, and expand client relationships.

Metrics & Client Conversion Methodologies
Metrics & methods to get clients that are ready to buy, pay upfront, and are grateful for the service you offer.

Visualizations To Highlight Your Value
Visual systems to show clients the value & price them an a way that actually makes the client money.

Strategically Designed Client Experience
Design a client experience that provides MASSIVE value to clients while alleviating pressure on delivery, and expanding profit margins.

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