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What is Lean Business System?

The format of LBC (Volume 1) is mainly long-form text. If you don’t enjoy learning by reading, please don’t join. Don’t buy. This is not a video course.

In the majority cases I’ve experienced, I don’t believe video is respectful of your time and attention. Most people will take an hour to describe something which could have been said in 10 minutes or less.

Video has a place in learning — like showing how to do something that’s difficult to explain in written format — which I embrace and support.

But video is also not well suited for reference. Most marketers create video because it’s easier for them. Not because it’s a better learning medium for their students.

I’ve got a “voice” built for text, not video.

The written word done well is different. It’s beautiful and concise. There’s little waste. Either a word is needed to convey the thought or idea or insight, or it doesn’t get used.

This course is 93% written. Long-form.

The course content is *not* dripped out.

You’ll have access to it all. It’s self-paced. Meaning you can tear through it at a pace to match your schedule. That said, the goal isn’t speed.

I get asked a lot, “how long does it take to complete ARM or SOI?”

That’s the wrong question to ask. Getting the gold star for completion isn’t the KPI that matters. We’re not back at school.

What will you learn with Lean Business For Creators?

[Who] Serving an audience, a minimum viable audience, is a responsibility. It a long-term play that requires commitment and consistency. Are you enrolled in this journey of creating an online business for the long-term, that serves first? That’s the first question you need to answer (LBC is *only* for people who answer “yes” to this). Then come other questions you may ask:

  • Who do I serve?
  • What niche?
  • But I’m not an expert?

Questions we unpack in this module, with real-life use cases to help demonstrate how you can “plug” into the value-chain as a trusted advisor: a linchpin ; someone who’s needed and valued.

[Happy Customer Engine] Here you build your lean Happy Customer Engine. Lean: meaning simple not complicated; not overdone to extract maximum possible revenue before trust is earned:
The front-end is powered by Lean SOI: The premise of SOI (Sphere of Influence) is to attract, earn, and create (“make”) better customers. This forms the front-end of your Lean Business for Creators (everything preceding the opt-in). Lean SOI is a specifically tooled “lean version” of the full-fat SOI. Basically: how to build your customer creation funnel that “wins” (makes) customers instead of coercing, strong-arming, and persuading them over the line through pressure tactics.

The back-end is powered by Lean ARM: The premise of ARM (AutoResponder Madness) is to nurture, bond, and earn the trust of your best prospects and customers through story-driven empathy-lead email marketing and the strategy of preeminence. Email is perfect for this. Lean ARM is a specifically tooled “lean version” of the full-fat ARM (the stuff you do once someone is on your email list).
This lean-lightweight combo of SOI + ARM powers the Happy Customer Engine of LBC.

[Monetization] LBC (Volume 1) has two channels of monetization. I don’t believe in “one size fits all,” so you won’t find one way of doing things in LBC. You pick the monetization engine that best suits your needs.
Both are “lean” (lightweight), which allows you to focus your efforts on creating best-in-class content instead of perpetually creating offers on the offer hamster wheel of doom. Both channels are continuity (subscription) based. There is a strategic reason for this, of course. In LBC you’ll learn why.

[Promotion] LBC (Volume 1) covers two (well, three technically: the third I will leave as a surprise for students) traffic channels of reaching your minimum viable audience. Paid (via FB ads) and organic (via content marketing). You can start with either. You choose.
But, long-term, both are encouraged (“eggs” in multiple baskets). All promotion, paid and organic, are powered by (long-form) story-driven marketing that respects systems thinking (below):

[Systems Thinking] LBC is an application in thinking in systems. It’s about combining parts strategically so that, at some point, “emergence” can occur when the system as a whole functions in harmony.
Systems are dynamic and often complex. So a more holistic approach to understanding the nuances are required. The end result (although I’ll be quick to add that there is no “end” per se; its an ongoing journey) of your LBC will not be the sum of the parts listed above. It’ll be more than that. It’ll be unique to you; like your DNA. Something that has a life of its own

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