[EXECUTIVE] Amanda Dobson – SMS Squeeze Strategy [WORTH: $497]

What is SMS Squeeze System?

I’m sure that by now you want my system, you must hate money and freedom if you don’t…But I’m also sure you have doubts”I’m not technical” “people won’t like me texting them”,  “this has been done before

I hear you and I had the same concerns. It held me back from trying it as well… But I was wrong, and you are too. Text message marketing is the highest earning communication channel in my tool box…And all because I dialed in the strategy, working non-stop on perfecting the system for MONTHS.

And I’m so excited to share it with you now… Now, I Have An Offer To Make You… That Could Change Your Business For The Better I want to help you and your business grow by turning you into an SMS marketing PRO.

If you’ll put in the effort to go through this course, I’ll give you everything you need to start making money with SMS marketing in less than 24 hours… The course is designed to cover every piece of the puzzle. It has taken me MONTHS of trial and error to create this system, the only one of its kind. And the best part is… It’s SIMPLE because…

I’m giving you all of the tools you need…You get to bypass all of the months of learning, testing and FAILING… You can leap ahead, straight to making money! You don’t need to be a marketing whiz or a tech genius to get started with profitable text message marketing.

This course is designed to cover every piece of the puzzle.

What will you discover in SMS Squeeze System?

  • Implement SMS and start sending messages immediately
  • Create a comprehensive monetization strategy that will keep the money rolling in
  • Create automated cart abandon campaigns to recover otherwise lost orders
  • Navigate all of the compliance guidelines, making sure your program is sustainable
  • Gather SMS leads along with your email opt in with virtually no impact on your conversion rates
  • Choose the right platform, so that all of your needs are met
  • PLUS, I’ll show you how to optimize your offers for mobile, giving your users the best experience possible (leading to higher conversions)
  • Plus SO much more…

Download Amanda Dobson – SMS Squeeze Strategy


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