[EXECUTIVE] AJ&SMART and JAKE KNAPP – Design Sprint Masterclass [WORTH: $1,959]

Design Sprint Masterclass

What is Design Sprint Masterclass

The official Design Sprint course from AJ&Smart and Jake Knapp!

The toolkit that teaches you not just the Design Sprint process, but the art of running (and selling!) stress-free Sprints with confidence and success.

The Official Design Sprint Masterclass includes everything you need to start running Sprints in a matter of days…

  • 70+ videos that take you through every step of the Design Sprint process
  • Actual resources, slide decks and checklists that we use at AJ&Smart when running Sprints with our clients
  • Access to a hyper-engaged community of Sprinters that can support you on your learning journey
  • Access to regular coaching calls (lead by senior AJ&Smart Sprint team members, and occasionally Jake Knapp himself!)
  • Access to updates and new resource additions whenever we add them (you can rest assured that you’ll always be learning the most up-to-date version of the Sprint with

The survey conducted among the Design Sprint Masterclass alumni shows higher work satisfaction and increased revenue for course participants:

  • 92% of Design Sprint Masterclass graduates enjoy their work more after learning the Sprint
  • 94% are confident that knowing the Design Sprint will further their career
  • 47% of the graduates have earned an additional $10,000 to $50,000 after taking the course (13% surveyed grads have added between $50,000 and $100,000!)
Note: You get a certification for completing this course when you purchase directly from the seller. So recommended that you buy directly from them if you enjoyed this course.

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