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What is Dropshipping Accelerator?

The Dropshipping Accelerator is a six week online program with the goal of helping you create a long term sustainable dropshipping business and getting it profitable as fast as humanly possible.

Upon purchase you will get immediate access to the entire program which starts by showing you how to pick the perfect niche, products, and how to build your store optimized and ready for sales.

We literally reveal how to find your top competitors in your niche with ease, and how to piggyback off their best sellers and newest products, letting your competitors do the product research for you.

You will then learn how to kick off your store with free traffic to start bringing in those first sales without costing you an arm and a leg.

Once we’ve nailed free traffic, we go straight into Google AdWords and show you the most cost effective way to start your dropshipping business by getting in front of customers that are already searching your products with the intent to buy.

From there you will learn how to scale your business with Facebook Ads, and make more money from each customer by utilizing email marketing.

This program is designed to work for a total beginner without any prior experience BUT also has training to grow existing business even further.

Through the training you will get everything you need to start your own dropshipping store the right way first time, using some of the best tactics in 2018 that you simply won’t find elsewhere.

What do you get with Dropshipping Accelerator?

Week One: Building Your Base

This module is all about setting up your store, people often go through 3 or 4 failed stores before making a sale. Why waste so much of your time and money when you can just set everything up right the first time?

My aim is to teach you how to set up the foundation of your business properly, from day one you can pick a golden niche using my extensive finding a niche guide, one of the most detailed guides on the internet tailored specifically for dropshipping in 2018.

I also show you some of my more secretive ways of competitor research, like how to find your top competitors, how to see what products are best sellers in their store RIGHT NOW so you can piggyback off their proven products.

There’s so much more in the competitor spying guide, but I’ll leave them secrets for the course, as I don’t want them to get too much exposure to make sure this stuff doesn’t get saturated.

Set-up your store correctly from the get go, with a full walk-through showing you exactly how to set up your store and also a PDF checklist to ensure everything is in place before that big launch day.

I will also make sure your store is optimised for conversions right from the get go as well, so you can make the most out of your free and paid traffic.

Week 2: Kicking It Off With Free Traffic!

Who doesn’t love free traffic? It’s literally sales you can get completely for free.

Word of mouth marketing is one of the biggest business drivers both online and offline, and I’m going to show you how to get literal fans for your brand that buzz about your store.

Having a background in social media marketing, I know exactly how to leverage it for e-commerce stores to get completely free leads.

Using some marketing magic we can throw these leads through my ready-to-go sales funnels to convert them into paying customers.

Week Three: Get Profitable With AdWords

I can see why AdWords is profitable so quickly, it’s all about getting in front of people at the right time.

People are literally searching things like ‘buy camping wireless led light’ into Google and we can get in front of them with the product they want to buy at that moment in time.

If someone is searching to buy our products already, and we get in front of them, as long as we look trustworthy and have a good landing page set-up then it’s common to see at least a 5-10%+ conversion rate from day one!

This week is the most valuable week of the course which will be teaching you how to use Google AdWords to essentially buy customers for your store.

You will be learning the exact process that allows me to start my businesses profitable from day one time and time again.

Week Four: Build Data With Instagram

This week is about using Instagram to make sales and build up data which will make your store more profitable when scaling with Facebook Ads.

Week Five: SCALE With Facebook Ads

Go and join some Shopify Facebook groups, you will notice one thing, 99% of the people using Facebook ads are spending hundreds, even up to thousands and not making one sale.

Why? Because it’s the hardest advertising platform to ever grace the internet, and most people just jump straight in thinking they will just figure it out themselves.

The real magic about Facebook is the pixel, you can install the pixel and use the data to retarget website visitors and convert them into customers, but most importantly, you can use the pixel to scale.

When you make 100 orders of a product on your store (all customers must be from the same country too) then you can create what’s called a lookalike audience. This is where Facebook looks at all your customers, and gives you tonnes of more people that are likely to buy your product based off the data you’ve given.

These lookalike audiences convert extremely well, but the best thing is, the more sales you make from the lookalike audience, the more data Facebook gets, so the more accurate the lookalike audience becomes, so as you’re scaling you actually make MORE profit!

This week is about retargeting and scaling with Facebook, now you’ve learned how to get cold traffic, this is where we warm the traffic up and things get exciting.

Week Six: Maximize Sales With Email Marketing

Email marketing is essential. It helps convert visitors into customers by warming them up through automatic email sequences, and it also helps get existing customers to keep returning to your store completely for free!

The best thing about email marketing is that a lot of it is completely automate. So you set some sequences up once and you never have to touch them again! It literally is the definition of passive income.

I am revealing my exact email templates I use in the course and not on YouTube so I can limit the number of people that see them, otherwise everyone they will get super saturated.

You can see my best converting templates for welcoming new subscribers with a discount, abandoned cart email sequences, and also my best converting emails that I send out every single week..

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