[EXECUTIVE] 7-Figure Copywriting By Foundr With Arman Assadi [WORTH: $397]

What is 7-Figure Copywriting By Foundr With Arman Assadi

A 10-step framework for writing authentic copy that connects and converts.

Includes proven templates, formulas, and in-depth ‘how to’ guides on writing engaging copy for every kind of medium.

What will you learn in 7-figure copywriting?

Like we mentioned, most markets have become saturated with “hype” driven copy. Prospects read it through a thick lens of skepticism with their “bs” radars sounding off at an all time high. Yet as a entrepreneur your #1 job is still to sell. But now you must do it in a different way in order to succeed.
Inside this course you’re going to “find” your own unique voice. It’s the only training we’ve seen which combines both the science and the art of writing persuasive copy. It’s the same methodology Arman has used to help launch 11 different 7-figure product launches. Your copy will be the kind people look forward to reading.

The moment you dive in you’ll instantly see how different Arman’s style is. It takes the pressure off and shows you why so many end up sounding the same. They’re trying to fit their voice into someone else’s models but doing it the wrong way.

From step-by-step fill in the blank templates, proven formulas, and “cheat sheets” for writing all kinds of different copy, Arman guides you in using them in your own unique way. Because just simply “swiping” or changing a single word will never truly resonate with your customers. And nothings more costly than ineffective copy.

With the material inside this course all of your hard copy guesswork goes away.

Download 7-Figure Copywriting By Foundr With Arman Assadi


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