[EXECUTIVE] 7 Figure Academy Success ~ Shopify Course [WORTH: $497]

This is quite an old course (2016), but a lot of it is still quite relevant today.

What is 7 Figure Academy Course about?

It’s a course about Shopify! How to source your products and promote your Shopify shop with Facebook Ads.

What do you get with 7 Figure Academy?

Access To 7 Figure Academy – $2,997 Originally

  • Over 50+ hours of Step by Step Video Tutorials To Help Everyone on ALL Skill Levels go from NOTHING to 6 figures!
  • Live workshops to ensure you NEVER fall behind and are always up to date with whats workign now.
  • Exclusive And Private Community for 7 Figure Academy Members that YOU will have full access to!
  • Instant Student feedback system – have questions? Your peers and the coaches will answer EVERYTHING for you!
  • Dan Dasilva’s Personal Phone # and Whatsapp – want to get UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL? Now you can!

6 Figure Team Builder – $30,000

  • Over $30,000 paid for a PRIVATE millionaire mastermind for 15 people only
  • You will receive EVERYTHING Dan Dasilva learned on how to create a team that runs on autopilot
  • Allowing you to become FINANCIALLY FREE and save you THOUSANDS of hours
  • Finally spend time with your family that you’ve never thought you could
  • All while your TEAM runs your entire business while you sit back and ENJOY life!

Done For You Products

  • 1 Product EVERY SINGLE DAY Delivered to your inbox
  • Not sure if products will convert? No worries, we’ve EXTENSIVELY tested them FOR YOU.
  • Al the trial and error is on us! Never worry about if a product will make you money.
  • If you don’t like the product, DONT WORRY – wait for the next day and receive the next
  • This will help you BEAT OUT your entire competition with a CONSISTENT flow of products

Get access to the 7 Figure Academy Success


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