Dave Kaminski – YouTube Video Ads For Regular People

What is YouTube Ads For Regular People?

The fastest and easiest way to get traffic to any website…traffic that actually converts into leads and customers…is to use paid advertising.

And the cheapest paid advertising available, without question, is YouTube video ads.

That doesn’t mean that the other paid advertising options (like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Bing, etc.) are bad. They’re not. They are all great in their own way. It’s just that they are more expensive. And more competitive.

In a nutshell, with YouTube video ads you can get the same results as those other platforms, but typically at a much lower cost. And without having to battle a dozen different competitors.

YouTube video ads typically cost 3x less than Facebook ads. Is that a hard, etched in stone number? No. Sometimes an ad for a particular market might be 10x less. Sometimes it might be 2x less. Sometimes it might be the same. But overall, you can typically expect the ad cost on YouTube to be about a third of what you might spend on Facebook.

In the real world, that means if it’s costing you $3 to get a lead on Facebook, that same lead will probably cost you $1 on YouTube. And with some advanced targeting tricks in YouTube, it’s not unheard of to get leads for as little as 15 cents (yes, you read that right).

YouTube video ads typically have 3x less competition than Facebook ads. In fact, only about one-third of YouTube’s ad inventory is filled. For you that means your advertising opportunities on YouTube are wide-open.

In the real world that means you’re not going to be competing with a bunch of other businesses for someone’s attention. Where on Facebook…(and I literally checked my Facebook newsfeed before writing this)…I saw 3 ads competing with each other within the first 10 posts of my feed.

Which leads us to viewer intent.

On Facebook, viewer intent is low. That means people are typically just wasting time, scrolling through posts about what other people are eating, doing or thinking. Your job as an advertiser is to interrupt their trance and make them interested in something they weren’t even thinking about.

On YouTube, viewer intent is high. That means people are searching for something specific. And your video ad…about that same specific thing…can appear in the video they decide to watch. In other words, you are catching them at the EXACT MOMENT they are looking for a solution…a solution your product or service can provide.

YouTube isn’t the typical social media platform where people spend their time humble-bragging and stalking each other.

Instead, it’s a platform where people type in words for things they are looking for. At its roots, it’s a search engine. And when it comes to search engines, YouTube is the 2nd biggest in the world (behind Google, which is #1).

1 billion people, each and every day, are on YouTube. And those 1 billion people watch an average of 5 billion videos a day.

That’s a lot of eyeballs. And here’s why this is important to you.

YouTube only charges you for video ads if people watch them for longer than 30 seconds (or if they click on the ad). So what happens if someone watches 25 seconds of your ad and then clicks the skip button? Nothing. You are not charged a penny. Zero. Nada. Zilch.

So what good does that do you? Well, let me ask you this…do TV ads ask you to click a button? No. They simply make you aware of a product. But advertisers still spend million on them because they know that once people are aware of a product, a certain percentage will end up buying the product.

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