[EXECUTIVE] Crypto Trading Mastery Course [WORTH: $497] – Trade Cryptocurrency!

Cryptocurrency Trading Mastery course

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Ever wanted to go into the Cryptocurrency TRADING (Not Investment) scene? Oh no, this is not your investment scheme that we have introduced a while back. This is an active trading course where you’ll be studying all the technical analysis like your candle sticks to determine opening, closing prices and etc. All your RSI (Relative Strength Index), Moving averages, double shoulder (double tops), inverse double shoulder (double bottoms), gaps… yeah, those technical analysis. You’ll also learn ways to maximize and limit losses through stop loss/limit orders.

Whatever you choose to bet your money on, always remember the number one rule of investment/trading. Trade with the trend 😀

What will this course teach me?

This course is currently no longer available. But it is taught by Rocky Darius who definitely knows what he is talking about since he is very active in trading cryptocurrency. Below is a list that will be covered in this course.

  1. Trading foundation of all the basics: exchanges, charts and trading tools
  2. How to build a trading plan, including entries, position sizing, targets and an exit strategy
  3. Conducting fundamental analysis to find innovative tech and the next hot market
  4. Using technical analysis to quantify price and determine future probabilities
  5. Understanding crypto market cycles and timing your execution of trades
  6. How to manage risk to minimize losses and maximize gains
  7. A variety of effective crypto trading strategies

A truly comprehensive course that can also apply to buying and selling general stocks in general. Except this one is tailored and curated for those interested in trading Cryptocurrency. Definitely worth a watch if you’re ever so interested in the idea of Day Trading – In the CryptoCurrency markets 😀

Learn the arts of Trading Cryptocurrency!


Want to learn Cryptocurrency INVESTMENT instead?

Cryptocurrency trading involves very active day trading in order to maximize profits that go into the 100% profit margins whereas investment is seen as more tame at increasing your returns from what you’ve initially invested. If you’re interested in compounding your money with Cryptocurrency then we suggest you read this guide called ‘CryptoCash Compounder’.

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