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What is Pinteresting Strategies about?

This course is a simple course about how you can make use of Pinterest to drive more traffic to your blog. This course works, but effectiveness does vary depending on what niche you’re into. Some niche will work better, others will simply fall flat. So take it as what you will, it definitely works, but it will not work for all, so to put it in her words: “It works for me, it may work for you!”

Testimonials for Pinteresting Strategies:

Sireesha, the blogger behind crowdworknews.com was one of the first to get a copy of my book and try out the strategies, and she saw awesome results with it – she said:

“Carly’s Pinterest strategies have exploded my Pinterest traffic. I started to implement her strategies in November and by January my Pinterest reach has gone from 700k to over 1million. This ebook has really changed my Pinterest game.”

Katie, from joyfullmesses.com wrote a post about getting her first viral pin using my tips, and in her post she said:

“Carly put together a strategy I’ve never seen (and I’ve read and devoured everything), and brought me the results I wanted. I literally got my first pin to go viral! When I woke up one day and saw I had 200 people to my site before 8:00 am, and I usually had maybe 20…I couldn’t believe it. Then, it kept going to 500, then 800…I hit a huge milestone for my blog, and I accredit everything I learned in her book. I’m very serious when I tell you its worth your time and money.”

Hilary (the curly one) from pullingcurls.com saw almost instant results:

“I bought Carly’s book after being frustrated by my own Pinning strategy. We live mostly off of our blog income, and I just saw Pinterest traffic dwindling, no matter what I changed with my schedulers. I was using Board Booster, Ahalogy and Tailwind. The day I bought the book, I deleted over 2,000 scheduled pins and started hand pinning. I have had to adjust her plan to work around the days I work 12 hour shifts as a nurse and I am slowly making it work for me. Pinterest traffic is up 30% and I’m excited to keep improving my system based off the principles she showed in the book.”

Amber, who is just starting her blogging journey over at allnaturaljoy.com messaged me and said:

Since reading, ‘Pinteresting Strategies,’ I can’t wait to log in and check my PInterest followers every day! Before I started implementing all of your secrets, I would go weeks without gaining a follower and now I am getting 30-40 new followers every DAY!!! The best part?? Pinterest is now driving traffic to my blog and I’ve gained 40 subscribers in the last 24 hours!! I’m only half way through the book! I can’t even imagine what finishing it will bring! This is a must read for sure!

I receive emails very often like this one, from Kim @ kimgaleta.com:

“I bought (your book) at the end of May and I’ve been implementing your instructions ever since. I think the biggest takeaway apart from the strategy itself is that I learned to improve my CONTENT! Most of my pins had a couple dozen repins (using BoardBooster for about 8 weeks). Within 2 weeks of using the course, I have hundreds of repins and one even has more than 1k now. My traffic for the first two months of June equaled my entire traffic for the month of May! I can’t wait to see what the end of week brings :)”

I hope you can see the similarities among the blogs. This should give you a good idea on what works. Most important thing about using Pinterest – apart from the fact that it is goddamn saturated is the fact that you need to pay attention into the demographics and the niche Pinterest covers.

INCLUSIVE OF 2 SECRET TIPS (API Explorer & Sourceboard Tips)

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