[EXECUTIVE] Depesh Mandalia – The 7-Figure Facebook Ads Playbook [WORTH: $1,997]

What is Depesh Mandalia – The 7-Figure Facebook Ads Playbook

This course has been designed to help you achieve better, predictable results. As long as you have some experience running ads, this is they course that will help you level-up your experience. I’ve designed the course to allow for a structured walk through as well as allow you to dive into the modules most relevant for you.

However, having taken courses in the past, the best are the ones that offer guidance and support. The Mastermind group is my commitment to supporting you during the course. You’ll have the opportunity to join Live Q&A webinars where I’ll answer your questions.

What will you learn in The 7-Figure Facebook Ads Playbook?

  • The 4 Funnel System ($1000 value) – how to create and structure an account to help you optimise your results better.
  • The 3N Ads Formula ($2000 value) – my favourite module, on how to get people to stop scrolling, engage and take action from your ads.
  • Pixel & Data Mastery ($1000 value) – how to get the best out of your pixel and setting up your insights reporting.
  • Bonus: Audience & Funnel Cheatsheet ($500 value) – a breakdown of audiences to use and at what stage in the funnel to use them
  • The Graduation Framework ($2000 value) – my signature module that’s served me well for so many years, despite the changes within Facebook which teaches you how to test audiences and creatives efficiently without wasting spend.
  • STAR Method Testing ($500 value) – a simple but effective way of running and tracking tests.
  • Ads Sniper Strategy ($1000 value) – a simple but big impact strategy to squeeze better profitability from your campaigns
  • Sales Funnel Optimisation ($2000 value) – a breakdown of tools and techniques I use to improve CPA through conversion rate improvements in your sales funnel.
  • Scaling Strategies ($2000 value) – The V & H scaling strategies including an over-the-shoulder live demo of a 3-day scaling strategy I conducted on an account
  • Auction Mastery ($1000 value) – understand how the auction works in simple but deep terms and how to make that work in your favour
  • Automation & Rules ($2000 value) – the tool I prefer to use and the rules I like to put in place to help control cost and to scale on auto-pilot
  • Regular live Q&A coaching calls ($2000 value) – opportunity for you to get support on the training material or your business directly from me and my team
  • BONUS MODULE: A high ticket sales funnel we used for a $6000 coaching client, fully mapped out and ready for you to swipe (works on products over $500)
  • BONUS MODULE: GDPR for Facebook Ads! After many weeks of research, liaising directly with Facebook’s policy team and discussion with experts in forums I’ve put together my approach and recommendation for GDPR (for you if you’re trading in the EU).

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