[GET] Live Event Blaster Pro Cracked v1.19 ~ Stream Local Videos Remotely! [WORTH: $167]

Live Event Blaster Pro Cracked

What is Live Event Blaster Pro:

This software basically allows you to create live streams without being live. Which means you will record a local video, then simply make use of this software to stream that local video instead. Now you might ask, why go through the trouble of streaming a video instead of uploading it directly. It’s because (according to them) live streams get higher chance of indexing and rankings as well in YouTube’s Algorithm’s eyes because they are treated as ‘news’ in nature so organically speaking, they need to be indexed fast so people can receive the news.

Features of Live Event Blaster Pro:

  1. Stream local video files
  2. YouTube API compliant
  3. Schedule and start events
  4. Check rank of videos
  5. Check views of videos
  6. Publish events without streaming
  7. Auto start streaming
  8. Customize interface
  9. Stream videos with audio
  10. Stream videos without audio
  11. Very easy to use, master it In 30 minutes

Download Live Event Blaster Pro Cracked:

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