[GET] Interest Architect Cracked v1.0.1.3 – Updatable –

Interest Architect Cracked

Interest Architect is a pretty powerful software that allows you to uncover high converting keywords for your Facebook Ad campaigns. Allowing you to laser target your audiences to display the advertisement to to save money and increase conversion as well as leads.

Features of Interest Architect:

  1. Uncover thousands of interest keyword directly from Facebook’s internal database of Fanpages!
  2. Instantly pull thousands of keywords from Wikipedia for ANY niche imaginable!
  3. Search movie titles nd actor/actress names to uncover super-targeted interest keywords!
  4. Instantly search book & magazine titles directly from Google Book’s internal database!
  5. Find thousands of web site names to use as highly-targeted interest keyword!
  6. Target brand name interest keyword for ultra-targeted results!

Download Interest Architect Cracked – Updatable –

How to update Interest Architect Cracked?

Simply undo the steps mentioned in the README file. Then redo the steps to crack the software. Once you’ve done that, you’ll have the latest version of Interest Architect. Interest Architect itself is no longer maintained by the developers, but it is still useful for you to uncover golden keywords for your Facebook Ad Campaigns to target the correct audience for the highest amount of conversion possible.

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